SITEMASTER 200® v4 Key & Facility Management Software

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  • Security
  • End Users
  • Property Managers
  • Building Room Management
  • Key System Management
  • Key Control
  • Loading Data
  • Asset Management
  • Personnel Management

• MSSQL Server Database Backend for network users, includes SQL Server Express install.

• Separate, but integrated Administration Program for adding Users and controlling their access to data.

• Advanced password complexity settings, plus allowed failure attempts, repeat count, and reset days.

• Security Logs display a running list of user access transactions in and out of the SiteMaster program.

• For maintenance and safety, notify users to log out, force them out, and/or lock them out.

• Control user access to specific databases, and to the separate Administration and Users programs.

• Make and manage data backups and restore your backups, and copy data from one dataset to another.

• Set up user rights for accessing screens and objects in both the Users and Administration programs.

• Single product solution to set up SiteMaster for stand-alone PC or for concurrent network users.

• Assign specific access to different users, for data entry and/or viewing data. For example, department or building users may only access data assigned to their departments and/or buildings.

• Advanced audit trail for keys and key rings as they are created, issued, returned, lost, damaged or not yet assigned.

• Manage keys, doors, hardware, personnel, and assets.

• Customize colors and fonts of displays (even match pins to your pinning kits!).

• Change the complexity of the program for users by removing or modifying screens and data objects.

• Print receipts, tracking reports and budgeting reports.

• Maintain hardware distributor contact information and their associated discount pricing.

• Quickly add your data using import files and data-loading wizards.

• Add separate databases (datasets) for each property you manage, or use a single dataset.

• Different setup options let you integrate SiteMaster for the way that you manage your properties. For example, issue keys to tenants from a central location, or from each property.

• Add and update property data in a network environment or use the export/import wizard if a network is unavailable.

• Import Key Systems from Allegion (Full version) and/or create, expand, and maintain your own systems for your properties (Lockshop Enhncement).

• Manage doors, door hardware, building, key and cylinder information.

• Support different key brands and multiple key systems (Lockshop Enhancement).

• Import room, door, cylinder, door hardware and key hardware schedules directly from SpecWorks, eliminating data entry!

• Import your building information, or use the Create Rooms Wizard to add all of your rooms and doors to a building at once.

• Assign address and list of contact personnel for each building.

• Track departments, square footage, function, doors, door hardware, operating keys and assigned assets.

• Track doors for fire rating, door type, frame type, fire inspection status, and for required repairs.

• Track hardware purchase date, warranty, life cycle, ADA status, quantity and cost.

• Assign inventory or stock numbers with attached image file.

• Manage doors assigned to rooms for hardware products, hardware groups, and cylinder assignments.

• Quickly rekey an entire building with the Rekey Rooms Wizard.

• Attach image file to room to document maintenance issues or for any purpose.

• Report on replacement budget, high security rooms based on assets, non-compliant hardware, square footage by department, etc..

• Generate new, expand or reproduce existing systems in minutes (Lockshop Enhancement).

• Manage your systems by client, manufacturer and Top Master Key.

• Handle multiple cylinders on a door (pinned to different change keys) and multiple doors in a room.

• Easily add, remove and assign doors, cylinders and hardware.

• Define your expansion specification and set up your key symbols (Lockshop Enhancement).

• Use several methods of key serialization.

• Manipulate the Key Bitting Array: change order, levels and sequence of progression (Lockshop Enhancement).

• Identify incidental keying.

• Show or hide key bittings.

• Support 1-7 chamber systems, sidebars and SFIC control keys.

• Pinning screen offers virtual representation of the actual cylinder for pinning.

• Track keys by tag number eliminating need to sort by buildings and room on key boards.

• Maintain a complete key history from creation to issued, lost, returned, damaged or not yet assigned.

• Serialize keys for audit trail information: who can duplicate, who was issued keys, and maintain accurate inventory of keys.

• Identify keyholder of lost and recovered keys.

• Set up deposit fees and/or due dates for issued keys.

• Easily transfer all keys/rings or a single key/ring from one individual to another.

• Issue keys by room number or key number.

• When issuing keys, verify the key requestor's department, signature, and photo.

• Track who created a key and when.

• Data Wizards quickly handle the task of issuing keys and key rings. Multiple rooms, doors and hardware can be created and loaded all at once.

• Assign hardware groups, keys, cylinders, door types, door ratings, departments, room functions, warranty start dates and then create room records all at once.

• Import hardware schedules directly from SpecWorks, or import your existing building information.

• Import keying information from Schlage Key Records for factory generated systems.

• Import personnel with built-in wizard, and update personnel information with future imports.

• Use a variety of available importing tools to import your existing data.

• Assign assets to rooms by identification number, serial number, description, department, asset type, current value, initial value, purchase date, warranty and location.

• Easily transfer assets from one room to another.

• Attach image file of asset.

• Supply detailed asset information in event of theft including everyone that has access to it with keys.

• Every room has Asset Value that totals all the assets assigned to that room, allowing matching of security level to asset value.

• Track everyone in database, not only those issued keys.

• Store photo identification and electronic signatures.

• Maintain ID numbers, addresses, email, position and department.

• Manage your outside contacts, sales reps, distributors, and contractors, etc.

• Maintain the information about your authorized signers for keys, and verify their identity when approving key requests.








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